Monday, August 26, 2013

Guest Retreat

Good Morning and Happy Monday!! I hope everyone got off to school this morning! We had a busy weekend and had some company as well. I love having company. I don't live super close to a lot of family so I love when they come to stay and I want to make it extra special for them.

When ever I have guests come over, usually family and usually my mom. I like to make sure they are comfortable. So this is what I do to get it ready. Beside the usual things like clean the sheets and dust the room. I like to add some special touches.

Put in fresh flowers and reading materials. My mom is like me and likes water by her bed so I make sure there are coasters.

Place a robe incase your guest don't want to come out in the rest of the house with their pjs on. And also a hook for hanging clothes.

Clean towels so they don't have to search for them and some snackies incase if late night munchies ( nuts and grapes) or what ever I have.

Sweet welcome note.

Also make sure they have a light by their bed incase they want to do some late night reading or need to see to get up out of bed. I think having a mirror even a small one is good too. Just so you can check yourself before you join the rest of the house hold or without making it to the rest room. 

In the restroom I make sure there are extra wash cloths and toiletries. This is a great time to use all those travel things I get from hotels.

I also like to have a robe in the rest room, hair towel and a place to hang other used towels. 

That is pretty much it ...what do you do to welcome guests?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tomato, Bacon, Basil Tarts

I know we all have our "go to" recipes you know the kind you make for showers or can whip up with out looking at a recipe, and are always crowd pleasers. Will this is one of my most favorite!! I am not even sure where my mom got this from but I have loved them since high school.

You need:
10 slices of bacon 

Grands biscuits - one biscuit makes two tarts or four minis. Any biscuit will do but you always need the layered kind!

1 tomato 

Some basil fresh or dried both good

3/4 cups Italian cheese blend

1/2 cup mayo

Spray your pans...I am doing minis this is always cuter for a shower but if I am making them for Super Man I do regular muffin size.

While you do the next few steps go ahead and cook your bacon.

Peel your biscuit in half enough to line your muffin tin.

Leave some over the edge so they make little cups.

Chop your tomato

Wash and chop basil and add it in.

Get your bacon out...I pretty much like my burnt all the time but for this extra crispy is best.

Dab off ...I use turkey bacon sometimes and sometimes regular totally up to you!

Chop pretty tiny and try to fend off wild animals who come running at smell of bacon...

Add in bacon

Cheese... I am more of an eyeballer on amount but you should for sure have more cheese than mayo.

Add mayo...if you get too much just toss in a little more cheese.

Mix the yumminess together 

Spoon in to your biscuit cups.

Adjust so they are all pretty full.

Your oven should still be hot from the bacon, cook these beauties on 350 for about 12 min or until the cheese is bubbly and the biscuits are golden.


I should warn you they smell heavenly while cooking ...people will wake up!

And cute too ;)

For a ladies shower or for you mom serve on sweet plate and add what ever sides you like. 

Yup they will become one of your "go to's"  I promise!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Summer Heart

Summer is winding down. I don't mean the heat we still have some more of that to come. But the slowness that summer brings. The days are the same in length but they seem longer with the warm sun shinning well into the evening. You sit on your patio longer and take walks around the block at almost 9pm when the sky turns a dusty rose. All my friends and family and even Superman are talking about school starting so that makes it feel official. We start to settle more into a routine that we don't seem to have in summer. You have to start going to bed earlier and you spend more time indoors.

It makes me miss my childhood when I used to bowl in the summer with my grandma or make mud pies with my dad by the lake ...when did I grow up? It also makes me thankful for the adventures I have had this summer and what I have learned about myself. 

So here's to slower days...

Ice tea on the patio

Fans on full blast 

Watching the evening roll in.

Sniffing the summer flowers in the wind


And finding yourself or at least who you want to be.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Floral Friday and a Great Weekend Read

It's been a busy week back from vacation and I am looking forward to some home time this weekend. There has been a surprising cool snap and rain here this week. In August in Texas it is such a blessing. It teases me and makes my heart ache just a little for Fall. I love Fall and any seasonal change it makes me excited for changes to come and reminds me that nothing almost unbearable lasts forever.

Here is what's happening in flowers at the While I'm Here household.

The short squaty blue one I picked up in the keys to remind me of the water colors.

I know some people don't like carnations but I do...they smell good and look like soft little fluff balls.

If you are looking for a good book and like nosing in peoples lives...this book is such a endearing love story and a peek into their private lives. I love that, its so interesting to me how people live and grow up. Looking for a end of summer read or something for the weekend it's great...definitely pulled at my heart strings.

It is surprising what they went through and how you end up forgiving all the bad and how love can trump all.

Things have changed so much in such a short time. This time seems so unbelievable what they used to think was acceptable is shocking to me.

Hope you can read it and tell me what you think!
I paid too much for mine at the airport but you can purchase here at a steal...

Have a blessed and relaxing weekend and if you are in Texas enjoy the cool snap...every second of it. I will be eating and relaxing outside as much as possible.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lettuce Wraps

I don't know about you but easy and healthy are at the top of my cooking list these days. Here is an easy lettuce wrap meal.

Start with this mix the recipe is on the back and its yummo.

Add spices and water.

Soy sauce.

Mid until blended.

Add your meat of preference we do very lean ground chicken. This is also where I would normally add in chopped green onion and chestnuts. But the hubs wanted it plain. I like the crunch.

Mix good and let chill for 20 min or overnight.

Sautée over medium heat.

Let simmer until dry and not runny, stir rarely. 

Chop lettuce towards its booty and then pull out layers for your wraps.

Spoon in chicken goodness.

Serve with edamame and a smile :)
Happy 4th Monday ...tomorrow is Friday!